EBANX Expands Global Payments Operations to 25 Markets

EBANX, the Latin American fintech giant known for its innovative payment solutions, has launched a new product series aimed at further simplifying and improving the user experience. These new features include measures to protect transactions and provide seamless international and local checkouts in a single transaction. This is part of EBANX’s ongoing commitment to providing the best payments experience for global brands and their customers in 15 Latin American countries.

The company’s new product series also introduces significant advancements for high-value B2B transactions. These improvements include anti-fraud enhancements, leveraging machine learning for smarter, safer transactions, and tailored payment processing solutions that cater to the specific needs of merchants in different countries and industries.

As part of their efforts to broaden their reach and services, EBANX has also expanded its pay-in and payout solutions to 25 markets, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing both incoming and outgoing payments.

In recent years, EBANX has made significant strides in expanding its operations to Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia. This expansion highlights the company’s dedication to providing robust payment solutions that cater to the unique needs of consumers in these rapidly evolving digital markets4.

EBANX Chief Product and Technology Officer, Fabio Scopeta, echoed the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion, stating, “We are solving the complexity of payments within an innovative business model. These launches and our global expansion demonstrate our commitment to adapting and delivering the best solutions to the markets we are serving”.

Founded in 2012 in Brazil, EBANX has grown rapidly, expanding its footprint across 29 countries in Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. The company is recognized for its proprietary technology and deep market insights, positioning it as a key player in connecting global companies with diverse payment methods in fast-growing regions.

With the launch of this new product series, EBANX continues to pave the way for innovative payment solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of global businesses, making international commerce more accessible and efficient.

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