Fintor secures an additional $6.2m in funding

Fintor, a fintech company based in Palo Alto, California, is revolutionizing real estate investment by providing access to invest in properties. Recently, the company successfully raised an additional $6.2 million in funding, bringing its total funding to-date to an impressive $9 million. This is a testament to the confidence and support received from various backers, including, Hustle Fund, 500 Global, VU Ventures, Graphene Ventures, and notable angel investors such as real estate influencer Manny Khoshbin, Andy Madadian, Cindy Bi, and Marcus Ridgway, co-founder of Invitation Homes.

With the infusion of this additional funding, Fintor is poised to continue its growth trajectory, expanding its user base and increasing the number of investment properties available on its platform. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Farshad Yousefi and Masoud Jalali, Fintor has developed a cutting-edge mobile real estate investing platform. This innovative platform allows users to easily buy and sell fractional shares of real estate properties.

To get started, interested users can download the Fintor app on either iOS or Android devices and create their account. Once the account is verified, users can begin investing in a Fintor property under the Individual Retirement Option (IRO) with as little as $5. What sets Fintor apart is its commitment to transparency and user-friendly experience, as there are no surprise user fees. Similar to how assets are traded on public markets, users have the flexibility to buy and sell shares of an investment property.

By becoming a shareholder of a property, investors can enjoy monthly dividends, also known as passive income, generated from the rental income. Additionally, shareholders can benefit from the appreciation of the property over time, maximizing their return on investment.

Excitingly, Fintor recently announced the launch of its mobile-first platform on both iOS and Android devices. This milestone marks a significant step forward in making real estate investment accessible and convenient for a wider audience.

With its impressive track record, commitment to innovation, and user-centric approach, Fintor is poised to reshape the real estate investment landscape. Investors can now seize the opportunity to diversify their portfolio, participate in the real estate market, and unlock the potential for long-term financial growth through Fintor’s revolutionary platform.

Stay tuned for more updates from Fintor as it continues to disrupt and transform the world of real estate investment.

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